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Re: vcd's

>>>>> "Nikhil" == Nikhil Datta <nikhild@xxxxxxx> writes:

    Nikhil> you don't need to bother about the fs details. the kernel
    Nikhil> has built in support for vcd's. search the archives for my
    Nikhil> mesg. on playing vcd's in linux. if you want to rip the
    Nikhil> tracks, use vcdimager (search freshmeat).

No, you're wrong.  Ok, depends on how you look at it.  The kernel does
not support the VCD filesystem transparently.  It allows the
application (via an ioctl) to read the raw CDROM tracks and then these
programs can interpret the tracks as they want (i.e. as a VCD).

Thus you cannot copy the AVSEQnn.DAT files simply by 'cp', but need an
application which knows about that ioctl, something like readvcd:
It's benefit is that you can also copy Super VCD's (> 700 MB), which
cannot be simply copied even in windows, nor can be played in Media
Player (though Xing player plays them fine).

IMHO, the best player for linux currently is mplayer:
It's fast, and can play from damaged CDs.  Last time I checked, there
was no gui though!


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