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Re: vcd's

>>>>> "Mithun" == Mithun Bhattacharya <mithun.b@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Mithun> No you can mount a VCD therefore the kernel does know how
    Mithun> to handle a VCD file system I dont have a VCD with me
    Mithun> right now to see what file system it shows but it works
    Mithun> fine and for standard (aka non super VCD's) I "can" copy
    Mithun> it using the normal cp command after I mount the VCD.
    Mithun> Ofcourse you better not have it mounted if you are using
    Mithun> readvcd. But in case of readvcd they access the /dev/cdrom
    Mithun> directly to read data.

No, even you are wrong.

While you can mount a VCD and you will be able to see the names of all
its files through 'ls' including AVSEQnn.DAT, but if you try to copy
that file it will not be copied correctly (even for non super VCDs).

'cp' will not complain and will actually copy the file, but it is a
corrupted mpeg file and will not play properly in any player.

To test this fact, you don't need to even try to copy, just try
playing the file /mnt/cdrom/mpegav/avseq01.dat in any linux software
and see.


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