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Re: fetching external mail to local LAN

It really simple what you wish to do.
1. Register a domain which will rx all your external mails
2. Open a mail account which will gather *@your.dom
3. Have a Linux box running Sendmail / Bind
4. Configure Bind to have MX records locally
5. Configure fetchmail to pop your account which gets *@your.dom
6. Configure Sendmail to masquerade as your.dom , setup the aliases table,
Allow relay for local network, configure a pop3 server ( many available ..
my fav is qpopper) and you are done.
7. You can have more automation with ip-local scripts which run sendmail -q
and fetchmail commands automatically as soon as you connect to the net
8. Sitback and enjoy while any MUA client goes about logins to your Linux
box and is content with complete email functionality. ( Remember to
configure the client for a valid pop / normal account on the linux box and
the correct names / IP number of the pop / smtp servers -- that of the linux
box )
9. This recipe works absolutely fine ( its been done practically and is up
and running at many places)


Sunil Dhaka