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fetching external mail to local LAN

Hi All,
I want to use linux to connect to inertnet. I am using kppp dialer for
dailing (through simple dial up connection )but after authentication from
peer server suddenly pppd dies saying error no 10 (means the ppp negotiation
failed ie it didnt reach the point where at least one network protocol was

Let me brief my requirements. I have to configure our linux redhat 6.2 box
as mail server for our small LAN and for incoming and outgoing mail. Our ISP
has provided mail ids to us. So  I have to fetch mail from the ISP pop3
server adn deliver here similarly send outgoing mails using smtp server of
our ISP.  Our inetnet connection was through Windows NT using 64 k ISDN

so I have to either use linux mail server then I think SMTP / pop proxy on
windows for giving the the smtp seever add in fetchmailconf at reqd place or
to use ( at present) dialup on linux to connect to ineternet and  giving the
local smtp server name in fetchmail conf.
Igot succes to use sendmail for local lan deleveries but no success for
ougoing mails and incoming mail from our ISP pop3 server.

Any help is highly appreciated.
Sunil Parolia