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This list SUCKS

  This list sucks man, most of messages you receive are flame wars, people
acting like kids and making irresponsible remarks on others.
 What is the problem with u people can't u even refrain from flaming several
time  you people act like a herd of oxymorons who just belive in wasting
  I can't understand why we could not discuss something in a proper fashion
and respect each other.We have joined this list for solving our and oters
problems regarding linux but 7 out of 10 messages (just an approximation)on
this list are flames. Pepole this mailing list has a goal called linux and all
of us should keep this our mind.
  So i request you people can you all stop flaming and sending irresponsible
statements, it not only wastes bandwidth but also sends wrong signals abut the
credibility of this list.

Please do a favour to world :-

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