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Re: This list SUCKS

>>>>> "Vivek" == Vivek khurana <vivekkhurana_in@xxxxxxx> writes:

    Vivek> Hi:-) This list sucks man, most of messages you receive are
    Vivek> flame wars, people acting like kids and making
    Vivek> irresponsible remarks on others.  What is the problem with
    Vivek> u people can't u even refrain from flaming several time you


I'll suggest that you subscribe to linux-delhi (or any other mailing
list for that matter), on a POP address.  Even Yahoo! provides one for
free, so getting one is not an issue.

Then get youself a decent mailer.  I am a member of about 10 mailing
lists, get more than 200 messages per day (all small messages), and
using mail sorters and threading, end up reading only what I have to.

I agree that checking your web mail and finding useless messages in
it is indeed a PITA.


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