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Re: This list SUCKS

When you join a list on a chaotic environment like Internet, and a
chaotic  field like Open Source, there are a couple of things you got
to keep in mind :

1. This is an unmoderated list. Good in a way , bad in a way. Good
because you can air your opinions in a free way, ...bad when you go
overboard with your emotions. Just as people hate flame wars, so do
they hate mails with subjects like "This list sucks" or "This movement

2. People who have spent enough time on the Net know how to conserve
bandwidth in even these circumstances. You would either be using
webmail, paying by the minute or using a cheaper method via a
dialup. In the first case you have the option of deleting the whole
thread when a discussion goes haywire without deleting it. In the
second method, I hardly think you lose a lot of money downloading your
POP mails. You can still save mental peace by deleting these mails
from the inbox w/o reading them.

3. Tempers and flame wars are better tackled by SILENCE rather than
   rebukes. If people on the list don't like a thread they can
   /ignore/ it. You can kill a bad thread in a more amicable way by
   /not/ participating in it and not provoking it by statements like
   "you #$#$% flamers!!!".

4. It sends a better message to newcomers when people /don't/ kill
   threads by shouting them down. This makes them easier to come out
   with their views without anybody to rebuke them. This list is for
   helping out people ... let's keep it that way.

5. It is a free world. Nobody is forced to join this list. If you feel
   that this list is not solving the purpose that you joined in here
   for, you are welcome to put in your suggestions amicably or
   ... leave the list.


Sandip Bhattacharya 
sandipb @ bigfoot.com