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Re: Web site

Sunny Holani wrote:
> And hopefully will always be, from now on :). In the shape of things to
> come, I'm working on quite a few things here. Already completed a
> membership directory in CGI, which I hope to release tomorrow, and am
> thinking of building a web-interface for managing the site. Atleast the
> most frequently edited things, like the meeting schedule, surveys, links
> pages etc. Me thinks we need some dynamic content on the site, in order to
> have some kind of repeat audience. As always - suggestions invited. I've
> also eliminated the "Minutes" page for now. Atleast till we become a
> formal society - when the minutes page will become necessary. Right now,
> its just too much of a pain - and no one reads it anyway ;).
> Economic recession. Downsizing ;). Uhm, dropped a whole load of people -
> Pankaj, Supreet, Nishikant - so i get a bigger share of the Beer/Laptops
> etc. that i keep expecting :) Well, seriously - these guys dont care
> anymore, and i get to do all the work (Ok, i dont work either - but
> we arent talking about /me/ here!;). I'm out in the market for a
> double barrel gun too - gotta sort this out at the meet ;).


In an effort to outdo others, you decided to carry everything on your
shoulder. Great show of enthusiasm but probably not necessary and
definitely not inline with team spirit. Go on and complete the entire
web site on your own, downsize the rest in the name of economic
recession :-) and claim all the glory but please, do not blame others
for not caring about DLUG. I was one of the first few members who
gathered at Dilli Haat in Dec 98 for its first meet. Of course, there
was no DLUG then, just a bunch of Linux enthusiasts who wanted to have
some Linux-time together.

Personally, all I would like to see about DLUG website is that it looks
good and becomes a useful source of Linux info for all. Who does what
comes second. So, if there are some things that were done by others and
do not meet your specifications, you are most welcome to change them any
time. I guess, you have the unrestricted access to DLUG web site and
apparently the blessings of the Society. However, involving others and
more importantly, informing the already involved, is a much healthier