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Re: Avermedia VDOmate card

Hi Ambar,

>>>>> "Ambar" == Ambar Roy <ambarroy@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

    >> It costs around 2500-3000 INR.  On my K6-II 450MHz with NVidia
    >> AGP card, xawtv takes just about 0.5% CPU load on full screen.
    Ambar> so is it working now?? also i guess then i will go in for
    Ambar> one.. though my home system is a celery 366 running rh 6.1,
    Ambar> so i guess it shud be quite slow.. also does this come with
    Ambar> a remote (and if yes, can it be used under linux??)

You should surely go in for one.  I think it is quite a bargain.
Regarding my setup, actually this VDOmate card is not exactly
Avermedia's.  There is no mention of this card on avermedia's web
site.  I can use this card to watch S-video output from my handicam,
but I'm still not able to see TV in it.

I searched for win2000 drivers for this card.  And guess what, all
links pointed to message boards in device driver forum web sites.  All
postees were Indians who could not find win2000 drivers for vdomate
card :)  And there was'nt a single reply which contained the drivers.

So, there's really no hope for this silly card for me.  I guess I'll
rush to Nehru Place, and plead with the shopkeeper to change it to a
PixelView one for few extra bucks (though it's around 5 months since I
bought it).

PS: regarding the remote: It works really fine through lirc
 (http://www.lirc.org).  Since most stuff in Linux can be controlled
 through command line, the possibilities are endless.  I'm currently
 using my computer and remote as a great MP3 player.  I have
 configured my remote to do next/prev song, +/- Volume, and play and
 stop.  I'm using gqmpeg as my mp3 player, but I think even xmms is
 fully controllable via command line.


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