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Re: Avermedia VDOmate card

Hi Lokesh,
>     >> . Frequency norm I should select in software (PAL / PAL-M /
>     >> PAL-N...)  . Frequency table to be used (europe, us-cable...,
>     >> there is no India in there :( )
>     Ambar> select the data for uk. Here in india we use the same tv
>     Ambar> standards as in the uk, so that shud help u!!
> well, even option UK isn't there in xawtv.
try europe options (though in europe many standards exist!)

> only if someone will give me the exact values they use....
>     Ambar> PS: does tv reception work under windows???
> Well, long story cut short.  My win98 would no longer boot (for
> reasons I cannot guess), and this stupid card does not have drivers
> for win2k.  So, I don't even know if my card actually works :)

I don't know about these programs under linux, so i am sorry i can't help
you out with these. Though from my idea of these hardware and software, what
you might need to do is that you will have to find out firstly if PAL is
supported by the software, and then go through the sources or find on the
net, how you can add support for PAL B/G. That is the standard for india,
though since there is very little difference between the different PAL
formats, try all and see if any one of them gives u a picture (sound shud
not work!). Also since your card used to work under win98, u can assume that
it will work. U can try and see if it works by selecting any of the encoding
options, and then see if u get a display of any sort (never mind if it has
sync problems, colour problems, etc, normally u shud get a bw display!).

    /\ |\/| |3 /\ r

PS: How much do these TV tuner cards cost nowadays?? Also what kinda system
is required to run them?