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Avermedia VDOmate card

Hi all,

I have a Avermedia VDOmate TV tuner card, which I bought few months
back.  I have used it to view video from my handicam under Linux
successfully.  However, TV won't work, here are the details:

o Contexant BT878 card 
o Philips PAL tuner (as written on the aluminium taps)

I thus use card=13 for bttv.o, and type=5 for tuner.o

One confusion is that these constants have changed in 2.4 series of

Can someone with a working installation of any TV tuner card tell me
the following:

. Frequency norm I should select in software (PAL / PAL-M / PAL-N...)
. Frequency table to be used (europe, us-cable..., there is no India
  in there :( )

I've tried xawtv and zapping without success.  I can see 1-2 channels
(like DD national) but very unclear.  My cable wire is coming fine to
my computer (I verified it by bringing my TV to my computer room).


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