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VCD under linux (was MP3 to cd])

Hi Nikhil,

You gave a rather nice intro to VCD's under linux.  My two words

1. Under windows, you must have tried copying VCD files
   (AVSEQ??.DAT).  Most of these work after copying using explorer.
   The ones that don't work are the CDs which use more than 700 MB of
   CD space.  These CDs don't get opened by even Media Player, but
   only by software like Xing Player.

   Under Linux, if you try to copy any VCD file using standard tools
   like "cp", you will get a corrupted file which will not play.  The
   reason is that the kernel does not automagically honour the extra
   sectors that these files use.  You need to download the "readvcd"
   package available on the net (please tell me if you can't find
   it).  It is very small (around 10 kb).  The syntax is also very
   easy to use:  To dump track 2 of the VCD, do something like this,
   $ readvcd 2 > track2.mpg

2. For playing mpeg files, I like enjoympeg.  However, it can't play
   back VCDs directly, only copied DAT files.  You can get it from
   If you have RH7, remember to download enjoympeg-0.3 instead of
   0.4.  If you download 0.4, you will have to upgrade your smpeg and
   SDL too.

   For watching VCDs, probably smpeg-xmms plugin is the best in my
   opinion.  You can get it from http://www.xmms.org, then go to


>>>>> "Nikhil" == Nikhil Datta <nikhild@xxxxxxx> writes:

    Nikhil> neil <neil@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
    >> wrote: watch movies watch movies... how how??? fullscreen???
    >> how how???  xmovie?

    >> Neil

    Nikhil> Hmm : seems you guys have never played full screen VCD's
    Nikhil> under Linux : sad!!

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