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ATI rage mobility (was Re: [Re: MP3 to cd])

On 10 Mar 2001, Nikhil Datta wrote:

> My machine is a laptop celeron/500/64 with an ATI rage mobility/4MB. Faster
> systems will be better I suppose.

Do you have DRI working by any chance? Do you have the rage 128 "M3"

I got an ATI rage mobility M3 with 8 megs. I've tried various versions of
XFree86 4. I've tried different kernels (2.2.18, 2.4.x.). Nothing has
worked so far.

I gave up on DRI a couple of weeks ago. It really kills me to see quake3
run so good on windows and like a slideshow on linux :(

TIA for anything that helps.

bye :)

PS: You from DCE by any chance?