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Re: [Re: MP3 to cd]

neil <neil@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> watch movies 
>watch movies... how how??? fullscreen??? how how???


Hmm : seems you guys have never played full screen VCD's under Linux : sad!!

Well : it's extremely simple :
1) If you want Hardware accelerated full screen, you have to use Xfree 4.0.1
or higher : 3.3.6 will work, but will be slow.

2) Download SDL1.1.6 or higher (sources preferred). (search freshmeat for the
URL)Install sdl and sdl-devel.

3) get smpeg (from freshmean) install smpeg, and smpeg-devel.

3.5 (ooops..)) You will need the xmms-devel package (i.e., get the xmms

4) get the smpeg-xmms plugin from xmms.org. Compile and install.

5) Insert VCD in CD ROM drive, run xmms and hit <ctrl>-L. In the location box,
type vcd:/dev/cdrom

6) Hit "enqueue" (not "OK"). The VCD will appear in the playlist.

7) Double click the file in the playlsit to start. movie will run in a small

8) Right click in the window. The movie will be full screen (no changing X
video modes etc. required.)

9) All this is free and GPL.

10) if you have RH7, you will already have most of this. You will need to
download an updated SDL, smpeg and (unbroken) xmms (1.2.4 I believe). The
xmms-devel package is on the 2nd RH 7 CD. You will  also need to download the

I've already watched about 20-30 movies like this on my laptop. not a problem.
The player also supports seek, but will hang if you pause the movie. It also
hangs at the end of the VCD (in both cases, ctrl-alt-bs to kill X if you are
full screen)

Compared to windows I feel the image scaling is slightly jagged. Enabling
Bilinear filtering in the plugin options doesn't seem to help much. The frame
rates are slightly slower than windows, but not enough to reduce the viewing
My machine is a laptop celeron/500/64 with an ATI rage mobility/4MB. Faster
systems will be better I suppose.



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