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Re: Avermedia VDOmate card


>>>>> "Ambar" == Ambar Roy <ambarroy@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

    >> Can someone with a working installation of any TV tuner card
    >> tell me the following:
    >> . Frequency norm I should select in software (PAL / PAL-M /
    >> PAL-N...)  . Frequency table to be used (europe, us-cable...,
    >> there is no India in there :( )

    Ambar> select the data for uk. Here in india we use the same tv
    Ambar> standards as in the uk, so that shud help u!!

well, even option UK isn't there in xawtv.  
And Neil, you mentioned PAL-BG, that's not in xawtv either.  Is it
there in kwintv?

only if someone will give me the exact values they use....

    Ambar> PS: does tv reception work under windows???

Well, long story cut short.  My win98 would no longer boot (for
reasons I cannot guess), and this stupid card does not have drivers
for win2k.  So, I don't even know if my card actually works :)


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