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Re: IP Chains

Dear Ambar,
Thankx for the comment and can you tell me Is there any other way to implement
firewalls except ipchains. If yes how to do it. As I am new to firewalls I would
like to know step by step approach.

Thanks a ton
Vivek Khare
PS: Could you pass me the script that you use to refresh/update the rule set

Ambar Roy wrote:

> i don't think that ipchains can work with dhcp clients for per client
> config! The only possible solution that i cud implement was thru a cron job.
> It wud run once every hour, and then refresh the ipchains rule set. Of
> course in this case i was also using ddns (on win2k), so i cud identify each
> client by hostname, and i had to just rerun the firewall code). If u need
> special handling for some machines, then go in for static ip addresses, or
> subnet your network, and add multiple dhcp scopes, so that you can identify
> clients from the dhcp scopes!
> > Could anybody tell me how to configure IPchains in case of a DHCP Server
> because
> > in DHCP IP addresses are assigned dynamically while ipchain command takes
> the
> > static IP addresses to set firewall rules.
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