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  It's good somebody is taking initiative my detail r as follows

Distribution  + version                   :Red hat 6.2
Kernel Version                            :2.2.14-12
Size of kernel image                      :don't remember
Is X configured(if yes, version)          :yes
WindowManager  + version                  :KDE2
If Sound configured & working             :yes&yes
MUA                                       :no
MTA                                       :no
If Modem configured & working             :Yes&yes
If so, internal | external                :external
Using Linux at Office | Home              :home
How Long under Linux                      :1year & some months
Approximate no. of reinstalls             :2
Satisfied (yes/no/somewhat)               :more than yes
Under this List for how long              :1 or 2 months
Using Windows also(mostly/never/sometimes):mostly(in college only)
Why you are interested in Linux           :b'coz i am interested in 
                                           developing OS, b'coz it is 
                                           free & powerful, b'coz it
                                           doesn't gives me blue screens

Basic H/W:-
Processor             :intel coppermine
RAM                   :64
HDD capacity          :17gb
M/B                   :i have a 440x chipset based m/b i don't remember
                        its manufacturers name
Sound Card            :creative sound blaster
Video Card            :sis6326
Modem                 :Gvc external


Software is like sex; its good only when it comes free

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