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Sound on i810 is pretty easy. Haven't you tried alsa? If not get it at
alsa-project.org. Get the alsa-driver tarball, untar it and do as said in the
README & INSTALL files. your sound module will be i810_audio. find it under
/lib/modules/<kernel version>/misc/. Modprobe it, run aumix, volumes muted by
default, adjust volumes, save them, and modify your conf.modules file under 
/etc/ dir. This should work! It worked for me. If probs, mail it.
Suggestion: Why not download 2.2.16-3.rpm, and rpm -ivh it? It's useful!

On  0, Vivek Khare <vk_khare@xxxxxxxxx> mailed:
> Here is my contribution to the family
 > WindowManager  + version                  :KDE
> > If Sound configured & working             :No due to intel 810 board could
> > not configure it (Help me if you can)
> > MUA                                       :no

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