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Re: Which Linux to use?

On Tue, Mar 06, 2001 at 07:29:04PM +0530, Ambar Roy wrote:
>> I don't want to become the next alan cox
>> But the reason why BSD is kinda (ok) is cuz of the tightness
>> of code but then, i would rather run openbsd.
>that is the whole issue with freebsd.. i agree that the maintainers hav a
>very strict coding standard and credit policies. Basically what u wanna say
>is that u use Linux because u wan't to contribute to it and get credited for
>it too. (I might be wrong here!) But this is something with a particullar
>project, and not all projects with bsd licence are like this. My original
>point being that just because something does not follow gpl does not mean
>that it is crap or that it wud not allow you to contribute. You sounded like
>a person who is ill informed abt the licenses (which i am glad to know that
>u aren't!!!). Also following your logic, u shudn't be using Apache as it
>does not use the GPL license!!!! If u hav a problem with a project, it is a
>different issue, but to blame that on the licence is just funny!!!
---end quoted text---
I don't say That any project which is not under GPL is crap. I do say
that a lot don't I ;). What free s/w and free'ing s/w means to me is 
freeing the s/w from you not giving it away but getting away. 

Free bsd is too free. 

What this means is If freebsd community writes foo and bar copies it 
and implements it with "special improvements" in XYZOS 9.2 . foo can then 
"sell" that in binary and the freebsd community does not get the "special improvements" 
which they deserve cuz it is their code thats at the spine.

This is where the viral GPL kicks ass.

I find the bsd license BAD & *evil* because its the bsd license that *allowed*
M$  to copy the TCP/IP stack. Just try some special stuff and u will see what
winsock actully is .

Its not about I writing some crap and gpl'ing or bsd'ing it. its about the 
community if the community shares and improves the code then NO ONE should
be able to steal that code from them.

I don't say every thing from "libc"  to "human DNA" should be gpl'ed. Well! 
I want that to happen,:) but nothing, Not even GPL can be an answer to every
problem. I understand that.

There is nothing wrong with Apache Licence. I respect it .
But some thing is definitely wrong with the netscape license. It sucks. 
The term "Open Source" Sucks as well.

Call me old fashioned but I'll use GPL'ed stuff.
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