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Re: Which Linux to use?

Dear Chandresh,

It certainly depends on what you want to do with Linux and what you want
Linux to do for you.
You can use any floavour of Linux the mot popular being


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From: Chandresh Pant <chpant@xxxxxxxxx>
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Date: Friday, March 02, 2001 11:57 PM
Subject: [linux-delhi] Which Linux to use?

>Hello dear friends
>I'm new to the Linux world. Although, I've got some
>exposure to Unix. I like to install Linux on my
>system, which is Intel p-III, 64 MB ram with 20 gb
>I've got RH 6.0. But little confused over many
>distributions available( I checked the web-site
>Can anybody suggest me which linux to use?
>Thanxs and regards
>Chandresh Pant
>URL: www.chandresh.org
>email: chpant@xxxxxxxxx,      mail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, chandresh100@xxxxxxxxxxx
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