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Re: Which Linux to use?

I love mandrake. Its easy. and gives u the fun of the workstation.

I use redhat 7.0(as of now)
I dont like it too much, but i am still using it.(for some project)

as soon as i am over with this i'm jumping back to Mandrake.
Mandrake is so good ! :o)

cya !

And ofcoz welcome to linux world.

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Subject: [linux-delhi] Which Linux to use?

> Hello dear friends
> I'm new to the Linux world. Although, I've got some
> exposure to Unix. I like to install Linux on my
> system, which is Intel p-III, 64 MB ram with 20 gb
> HDD.
> I've got RH 6.0. But little confused over many
> distributions available( I checked the web-site
> Linux.com)
> Can anybody suggest me which linux to use?
> Thanxs and regards
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