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Re: Which Linux to use?

On Sat, Mar 03, 2001 at 06:14:37PM +0530, Ambar Roy wrote:
>> I personaly like Freebsd very much but don't use it because of the
>> license. Its not GPL and I am in love with the GPL.
>this is the funniest reason that i hav heard for not using freebsd. I agree
>that as a programmer contributing to open source software, license issues
>are very imp (with bsd and gpl being the 2 most popular ones i guess), but
>definately it shud not take u away from using the os!! The bsd license
>allows u to do everything that the gpl allows (and if i understand it
>correctly.. if u make changes, then u can put those changes under gpl!!
>correct me if i am wrong!) and more! Tell me one thing, don't u use apache
>under linux! even apache has the same licence as freebsd!
personally I prefer and use boa.

I don't want to become the next alan cox
Yes I can take a freebsd cd,
run a awk script through it and replace 
Free with GNU and have my own GNUBSD 
talk about making changes. :)

But the thing is I don't want that 
what any guy wants is recognition in the group s/he 
is in and even if I do my level best with BSDLite
I won't get a place in the 20 some ppl in the kernel team
neither will my code.

So why not run and study mach and The HURD and try to code.
:) is it a bad reason.

But the reason why BSD is kinda (ok) is cuz of the tightness 
of code but then, i would rather run openbsd.

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