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Re: two good poems; Wether perl any good?

i couldn't have agreed more.............
> > Well-thought-out responses.  I must regretfully withdraw from this
> > discussion at this stage, since this looks like becoming a long
> > battle, and I doubt if either of us will be able to convince the other
> > fully of our points of view.
> just when i was begining to enjoy this!!! i guess we guys cud enlighten a
> few guys here in the list as the the reletive advantages and disadvantages
> of perl and java!!!
> > My original objective in posting wasn't to start a battle, just to
> > point out some of Java's shortcomings.  I admit that the tone and the
> > language could have been less extreme, but I'm not a particularly
> > level-headed chap at the best of times ;-) and I think I deserved the
> > response I got!
> lol!
> > In parting, all I have to say is that I personally believe that Perl
> > is a better language for many tasks.  However, the GNU, Linux and free
> > software movements are all about choice, and each of us has to decide
> > for him/herself what his/her own (programming) poison is -- there's no
> > One Size Fits All :)
> it definately is. but imho for web development (the example that you
> choose!!!) perl is definately not better always!! (well for some tasks
> is an overkill i think!!) but i think that having too much choice is also
> not so good. there shud be choice, but not so many that newcommers start
> trying to beat the clock in learning new technologies or learning
> that never really picks up or just something that is in the end a very bad
> choice! And here with this discussion i guess u guys did try to put out
> intresting points.
> Haven't all of us learned something from this! This surely was not a
> flamewar.. though i guess soon it wud hav been!!!
> Bye,
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