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Re: two good poems; Wether perl any good?

> I wanted to sincerely embark upon learning perl
> But I am advised perl has become outdated
depends on what you wanna do with perl. perl for general system admin is
still real in. perl for small cgi scripts is in, but u don't write a dynamic
site using perl.. that is suicide. u can use mod perl though and that works,
but for dynamic sites keep away from perl. php, JSP/java servlets/ejb,
coldfusion and asp on win2k/iis5 are what u wud normally use to write
dynamic sites. u can also use nsapi/isapi/mod_perl for making dynamic
> And Cold Fusion is the in thing.
not really. right now asp.net and jsp/ejb is the in thing.. (i know this is
a linux list, but..) and another thing is that if u keep running after the
in thing, don't think that learning the tech of the moment will be ok..
> I am working with ISP and intend to use it for small scripts and
> applications.
for small quick and diry jobs like form submissions, etc perl is still the
best bet. for anything more complex use something else!

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