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Re: two good poems; Wether perl any good?

> Well-thought-out responses.  I must regretfully withdraw from this
> discussion at this stage, since this looks like becoming a long
> battle, and I doubt if either of us will be able to convince the other
> fully of our points of view.
just when i was begining to enjoy this!!! i guess we guys cud enlighten a
few guys here in the list as the the reletive advantages and disadvantages
of perl and java!!!

> My original objective in posting wasn't to start a battle, just to
> point out some of Java's shortcomings.  I admit that the tone and the
> language could have been less extreme, but I'm not a particularly
> level-headed chap at the best of times ;-) and I think I deserved the
> response I got!

> In parting, all I have to say is that I personally believe that Perl
> is a better language for many tasks.  However, the GNU, Linux and free
> software movements are all about choice, and each of us has to decide
> for him/herself what his/her own (programming) poison is -- there's no
> One Size Fits All :)
it definately is. but imho for web development (the example that you
choose!!!) perl is definately not better always!! (well for some tasks java
is an overkill i think!!) but i think that having too much choice is also
not so good. there shud be choice, but not so many that newcommers start
trying to beat the clock in learning new technologies or learning something
that never really picks up or just something that is in the end a very bad
choice! And here with this discussion i guess u guys did try to put out some
intresting points.

Haven't all of us learned something from this! This surely was not a
flamewar.. though i guess soon it wud hav been!!!

    /\ |\/| |3 /\ r