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Re: Cannot use dual boot in 20 GB HDD

Dear Mr. Rodrigues,
    The windoze partition is 4GB in one chunk, which is mounted as /winc in
linux and the old 4GB hard disk (FAT32) is mounted as /wind in linux.
Yesterday I upgraded my PC with PIII-600 CPU and mother board and re-installed
Linux, this time with Mandrake 7.1 linux.  Once again I faced no problem at
all.  If you need I can send you the Mandrake CDs.

With regards,
G. Palaniappan

Goldwyn Rodrigues wrote:

> dear Sir,
> Is your Windoze partition 4 GB in a chunk (FAT 32) or you have further
> partitioned that too??
> Thanx for your help.
> Goldwyn :o)
> > Dear Mr. Rodrigues,
> >     I have a Cyrix MII-233 MHz machine and recently added a 20 GB HDD to
> the
> > existing 4GB one.
> >
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