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Re: Cannot use dual boot in 20 GB HDD

Dear Mr. Rodrigues,
    I have a Cyrix MII-233 MHz machine and recently added a 20 GB HDD to the
existing 4GB one.

    Unfortunately, the bios recognised the 20GB HDD as an 8GB one and hence I
made a primary partition of 4 GB and installed windoze on that.  When I booted
with RedHat 6.2 CD, the system recognised the other partition as 16 GB and I
made /, /usr, /home and swa partitions and installed Linux on the same and the
dual booting works perfectly without any problem.  Later on I upgrded it with
RedHat 7.0 and it works fine again.

    I do not agree with you that Linux is not user-friendly.  With the Xwindows
and GUI like KDE and gnome it is as userfriendly as windoze and my six year old
son loves to play the games that comes with RedHat linux.

With regards,
G. Palaniappan
Senior General Manager
Tel: 336 8204/340 5970
Home: 680 5210

Goldwyn Rodrigues wrote:

> Dear Friends,
> I recently got a 20 GB HDD. But the problem is I cannot Load Linux and
> Windoze both together.
> I want to keep reserve 10 GB for Linux and 10 for Win.
> Coming to the problem ina more precise way. I first made a 10 GB FAT 32
> partition in the HDD Formatted and installed Win. Then installed RH Linux
> 6.2. Linux worked fine but at the LILO prompt I got an error 0x00 for dos.
> Booted in Linux and reloaded LILO and got the error message - dos partition
> too big.
> Repartitioned the whole disk to make a 2GB (2047 MB) primary and 8 GB
> extended. Formatted and installed Linux again ( a major problem is I don't
> have good reliable floppies). But Linux refused to make more that 2
> partitions..... a swap and a / filesystem (a max of 2 GB). Though it is good
> enough but what do i do for the rest 8 GB.
> Maybe if someone has used a bug HDD with dual boot can help.
> And I don't want to keep 2 GB for win and 18 for Linux (My parents are
> beginners and need a user-friendly OS like Win and not a programmer friendly
> OS, Linux)
> Does RH Linux 7 have a solution to this??
> Thanx a lot
> goldwyn :o)
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