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Cannot use dual boot in 20 GB HDD

Dear Friends,

I recently got a 20 GB HDD. But the problem is I cannot Load Linux and
Windoze both together.
I want to keep reserve 10 GB for Linux and 10 for Win.
Coming to the problem ina more precise way. I first made a 10 GB FAT 32
partition in the HDD Formatted and installed Win. Then installed RH Linux
6.2. Linux worked fine but at the LILO prompt I got an error 0x00 for dos.
Booted in Linux and reloaded LILO and got the error message - dos partition
too big.
Repartitioned the whole disk to make a 2GB (2047 MB) primary and 8 GB
extended. Formatted and installed Linux again ( a major problem is I don't
have good reliable floppies). But Linux refused to make more that 2
partitions..... a swap and a / filesystem (a max of 2 GB). Though it is good
enough but what do i do for the rest 8 GB.
Maybe if someone has used a bug HDD with dual boot can help.
And I don't want to keep 2 GB for win and 18 for Linux (My parents are
beginners and need a user-friendly OS like Win and not a programmer friendly
OS, Linux)
Does RH Linux 7 have a solution to this??
Thanx a lot
goldwyn :o)