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Re: Could we resume the discussion ?


>>>>> "Arun" == Arun Sharma <adsharma@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Arun> On Fri, Sep 01, 2000 at 01:33:57AM +0530, Prabhu
    Arun> Ramachandran wrote:
    >> Ahhh.  Was waiting for a statement like this.  If this IS the
    >> case then fine.  So LI is about money.

    Arun> LI is not about money. But it needs to be able to handle
    Arun> money.

	Oh, my bad.  I meant: LIreg is about money i.e. this list is
going to decide issues about LI getting its hands on money etc. etc.

    >> I want to know: What money? how money?  Whose money??

    Arun> Money that corporates could donate. You see it everyday:
    Arun> IBM, HP, Intel etc donated money to form a linux lab. They
    Arun> may have their vested interests.  But who cares as long as
    Arun> it is used for noble purposes ?

    Arun> It could also be money donated by people like you and me -
    Arun> small amounts, but it all adds up.

	Yes, I dont have a problem with that as the foll. line says.

    >>  I have no problems with this but would like to know the actual
    >> reasons.

    Arun> And if you have any doubts/reservations about how the money
    Arun> is going to be used, feel free to make suggestions about how
    Arun> it should be used.

	That is really, really hard to do.  How do we spend it...

    Arun> But the position that we won't touch any money is not a
    Arun> viable, IMO.  Again, you may disagree - you're entitled to
    Arun> your opinion.

	Hmm.  I dont really know what to think.  If this is where
things are headed I'd much rather sit back and watch.  If anything
bothers me I will definitely crib.  I dont see myself doing much
donation and stuff (me poor grad student).  In any case, why isnt
anyone else who is involved in the actual money talking?? :)

    Arun> There is a lot of suspicion and mistrust about some people
    Arun> hijacking Linux India for their own purposes. This leads
    Arun> people to make their own plans about countering such
    Arun> moves. Results ? Lots of emails, time and energy spent which
    Arun> could be used in a constructive way.

    Arun> By moving this process forward in a focussed and timely
    Arun> manner, we can put all that to rest and get on with our
    Arun> lives.


    Arun> Think about it - Red cross and CRY are legal entities. They
    Arun> have to be so in order to function.

	Oh, yes.  I know that.  I am not _that_ thick. ;-)