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Re: Could we resume the discussion ?

Arun Sharma wrote:

> If we need to deal with money, we have to be formal and legal.

Where was the money when LI was first formed ?  No money then
'coz it was just catching on.  Now some see money...as Prabhu said 
"Whose money ?"  Suddenly the idea of formalization and that too,
many wanting this process to be hurried through with speed; connecting 
this to a very insignificant issue called an IT.com.

Shucks..this reeks of death, maybe the beginning of a legally 
certified death.  When money comes in, legality has to come in;
so that we can sue someone/some person to keep our money ??

Within a legal framework, one has to be rigid and formal.  I am not
saying that we should/can break laws by banding ourselves as an 
informal group. I am echoing the point that the FREEDOM that we
enjoy/enjoyed is going to be compromised by submitting ourselves
to a rigid legal structure...a legal frame which we have to limit 
ourselves to. 

Mark and register my protest on this count.  We need not be formal
and legal to continue with what we are doing now.
> They have a legitimate (IMO) request in asking that LI be formalized
> and legalized.

Who are the fellows U call as "they" ?  U are implying that we have 
already got a formal and an informal group, otherwise this "they"
would never creep in.  It seems that U are going by "their" word.
Now we are clear that Arun Sharma, one of our founding (communicating)
members is being led by his nose by "them".  We have a minimal right to 

> If we continue to be an informal group, we risk the danger of a split
> along the commercial vs informal guys.

Let it come, now that U have said it.  

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