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Re: Could we resume the discussion ?

On Fri, Sep 01, 2000 at 01:33:57AM +0530, Prabhu Ramachandran wrote:
> 	Ahhh.  Was waiting for a statement like this.  If this IS the
> case then fine.  So LI is about money.

LI is not about money. But it needs to be able to handle money.

>  I want to know:  What money? how money?  Whose money?? 

Money that corporates could donate. You see it everyday: IBM, HP, Intel
etc donated money to form a linux lab. They may have their vested interests.
But who cares as long as it is used for noble purposes ?

It could also be money donated by people like you and me - small amounts,
but it all adds up.

> 	I have no problems with this but would like to know the actual 
> reasons.  

And if you have any doubts/reservations about how the money is going
to be used, feel free to make suggestions about how it should be used.

But the position that we won't touch any money is not a viable, IMO.
Again, you may disagree - you're entitled to your opinion.

> 	Yes, I noticed that.  What I meant was that all of those
> advantages could be achieved informally too (save one point).  I did
> not know that some folks were seriously intersted in making it formal.

There is a lot of suspicion and mistrust about some people hijacking 
Linux India for their own purposes. This leads people to make their
own plans about countering such moves. Results ? Lots of emails, 
time and energy spent which could be used in a constructive way.

By moving this process forward in a focussed and timely manner, we
can put all that to rest and get on with our lives.

Think about it - Red cross and CRY are legal entities. They have to be
so in order to function.