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Re: Could we resume the discussion ?


>>>>> "Arun" == Arun Sharma <adsharma@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Arun> If we need to deal with money, we have to be formal and
    Arun> legal. There are a lot of commercial interests tied to the
    Arun> success of linux in India.  They have a legitimate (IMO)
    Arun> request in asking that LI be formalized and legalized.

	Ahhh.  Was waiting for a statement like this.  If this IS the
case then fine.  So LI is about money.  I want to know:  What money?
how money?  Whose money?? 

	I have no problems with this but would like to know the actual 

	Everyone seems to be very busy now. :(

    Arun> If we continue to be an informal group, we risk the danger
    Arun> of a split along the commercial vs informal guys.

    Arun> BTW, I saw mostly positive and very few negative points for
    Arun> the formation of a legal body in your list.

	Yes, I noticed that.  What I meant was that all of those
advantages could be achieved informally too (save one point).  I did
not know that some folks were seriously intersted in making it formal.