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Could we resume the discussion ?


>>>>> "Arun" == Arun Sharma <adsharma@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Arun> on the weightage by membership issue ?  The primary thing
    Arun> I'm trying to address is, the vote of a ILUG representing 5
    Arun> people, overriding that of a member representing 100 people.

	Do we want a democracy here?  Is it a better option to have an
upper limit.  Something like

< 100 == 1, > 100 == 2??

	this way we have more members from larger lists and dont have
small LUGs being overshadowed by larger ones.

	But before we get to this what is LI going to do?  Do we need
to have a formal organisation at all?  What are the advantages?


  1) Greater communication (this doesnt need a formal org though).

  2) Possibility of generating revenue and thereby do certain things.
  See disadvantages too.

  3) Solve inter LUG problems??

  4) Item 1 enables easier distribn of CD's.

  5) LI will due to the above be a much more cohesive body.

  6) This is more of a question - are there legal or other advantages
  that we get if we become a formal org.


  1) More work. :)

  2) Generating revenue has its disadvantages.  It has to be spent
  properly, kept properly and obtained properly.  It means more of
  disadvantage 1 and requires planning etc.  This can be quite a

  3) Inter LUG wars shouldnt occur.  If they do, God help us! For I
  have no idea if a small group of LI people can really help?  OTOH,
  it cant hurt if there are people who do try to help.

So in all, to me it seems that it is enough if we form an informal
group who keep the various LUG's in touch.  Formality is not necessary 
as of now.

What do the rest of you think?