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Re: Re: [LIG] Seeking a Linux or Unix programming guru for CTO position

> Isn't that too much of an Insult. He wasn't selling or advertizing
> In fact he was trying to help people who may need jobs.
> So where is the question of _COMMERCIAL_ in it.

Maybe because he was trying to sell his organisation indirectly.. After all
if he gets a good CEO his org can improve a lot.. Ofcourse it is another
matter that there is nothing wrong in it..!!!

> As far as offending the lists rule is concerned,
> I am wondering how many people have read it when
> they subscribed to the list (Won't it be better if
> the rules were made a bit smaller, so that ppl can
> read them when they subscribe: - Only a matter of ergonomics).

I agree on this point .. I too feel List admin is too curt in his reply..
I felt sorry for Mr. David... But any way rules are rules .. are'nt they???

Mr. David , by the way what are your requirements for that Job.....???


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