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Re: [LIG] Seeking a Linux or Unix programming guru for CTO position

--- Mario da Costa <mario@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Naba Kumar wrote:
> > Isn't that too much of an Insult. He wasn't selling or advertizing anything.
>                                                          ^^^^^^^^^^^
> > In fact he was trying to help people who may need jobs.
> > So where is the question of _COMMERCIAL_ in it.
> <blah blah> <snipped>
> No Insult at all. Just stating the rules. And if you can't see the
> COMMERCIAL aspect of Davids mail, then either you are too eager bending
> over backwards (presumably to please Mr. David), or just plain stupid.
> +mario

I wasn't trying to please anybody. I just wanted
to state that people have feelings. And when we
work for community such as open source, we are suppose
to have that in mind. Flames, such as _stupid_, _warning_,
etc etc, often don't bring much good.

I think we should better think in more positive ways.
And that has always been good to the community.

When people work in team, the best strategy is to
discuss the topic and not to blame or do something
that may hurt the people concerned when something
goes wrong. Spirit of team breaks if we do.


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