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Re: [LIG] Seeking a Linux or Unix programming guru for CTO position

liadmin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> On Fri, Mar 09, 2001 at 03:13:20PM -0500, did David Bodnick write:
> > We've had a tough time finding someone with the right credentials to be our
> > Chief Technology Officer in India, so I'm hoping that someone on this list
> > would either be qualified for this position or know someone who is. It is a
> > fantastic opportunity for the right candidate, with a great base salary and
> > enormous upside potential.
> David,
> You sent the above email to the Linux India General mailing list.
> According to the rules of this mailing list posts of a commercial nature
> (such as yours) have to be prefixed on the subject line with the
> 'COMMERCIAL' tag.  You have broken this rule.
> This is a warning email to let you know that if this offense is repeated,
> you will be banned from the mailing list.
> List Admin

Isn't that too much of an Insult. He wasn't selling or advertizing anything.
In fact he was trying to help people who may need jobs.
So where is the question of _COMMERCIAL_ in it.

As far as offending the lists rule is concerned,

I am wondering how many people have read it when

they subscribed to the list (Won't it be better if

the rules were made a bit smaller, so that ppl can

read them when they subscribe: - Only a matter of ergonomics).

BTW, Mr. David you can consider me. I am a Gnome developer

and the author of Anjuta IDE (http://anjuta.sourceforge.net/).

Currently, doing my final year B.Tech (EC). I may need a job

after B.Tech. Don't I? :).

I don't know what sort of skills you need, but I'am pretty well

equiped with gdk/gtk/gnome hacking.



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