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Re: Magic Garden: Explained


It depends on what you are working on SysV derived version or BSD derived.
Since your mentor has specified magic garden.. It is better to get hold of
that. However be aware that it does not discuss the code in a line by line
fashion as Tanenbaum does with minix. 

Magic Garden discusses SysVR4+ and Solaris(closely related). It infact
covers the concepts itself.( Books sold like this cannot cover the code)Do
you think AT&T/Novell would allow that??

And this is not a serious handicap as the data structures are much more
important, than the particular alogorithms used to implement a feature.

Any decent company worth its name (and involved in unix) will have a copy.
Ask your mentor for a copy. I guess he definitely arrange for one. As arun
said you need to be conversant a little bit of OS concepts (Bach would also
help a lot).

And please do not ask for copies of books thru the mailing lists like this -
who would be willing to pass on a book which is precious and OUT of print???


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>  >>>>> On Sat, 10 Jun 2000 08:34:39 -0700, Arun Sharma
<adsharma@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> said:
>      Arun> Vahalia's book focusses on concepts, rather than the
>      Arun> code. In fact, it has almost zero code. It also is a
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