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Re: Magic Garden: Explained

+ > Never heard about peterson, but maybe then you could send me a copy of
+ > that book if you say it is good.
+ > I hope I was clear in what I want :-)
+ I meant 
+ http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0471364142/o/qid=960749199/sr=2-3/102-0217102-4404113
+ There was an earlier book by Silbershatz and Peterson that we referred
+ to in school. Looks like that one is out of print.

No, this is available as Indian edition now. Most probably it is an
Addison Weisley print.

Other than that, i think google search would give lot more pointers which
will give you a platform to get bouncing. If you could zero in on what you
want specifically, that should be a good starting point.