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Re: OT: VSNL as compared to other ISPs

Kingsly John rearranged electrons thusly:

> On Mon, 26 Mar 2001, Udhay Shankar N wrote:
>  |ISPs seems to indicate otherwise. I'm able to hold a connect much more 
>  |stably with any of the other 3 ISPs than with VSNL. What gives ? Does 
>  |anybody else have the same experience to report ?
 FUBAR'ed RAS / dialin server implementation, likely.  Other ISPs (such as
 TringTring, which I was idiot enough to try, even though I saw the "division
 of APTECH" clearly in the ads) have the same problem (along with various other
 problems of course)
> I get fantastic connects and speeds with VSNL the only problem that i'm
> facing is that i'm unable to access certain sites when I'm assigned
> certain IP addresses(and that is MOST of the time)

Routing hassles?  Are those IPs you are assigned out of the same C block?  Or
from various blocks scattered around vsnl's dialup pool?  It _could_ be a
routing issue at VSNL, or it could be that VSNL is playing censor (they do
their clumsy best to filter pakistani sites, net2phone etc)

> I have major problems connecting to satyam... because their ras servers
> are not uniform some do PAP some do user-pass yet others do login-pass..
 wvdial seems to handle it very well, from what I can see

> Dishnet sucks... u get disconnected so very often I feel they do it on
> purpose. (Even Caltiger is better than them!!)
 caltiger doesnt work on linux unfortunately (or at least their ad-bar doesnt).
> Sigma online was really great !! I used them for a little over 100
> hours... great service great helpdesk!
 Hmmmm... in Bangalore you say?  If they are the same outfit that's in Hyd'bad
 they are pretty good.


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