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Re: Re: Evil Designs by a _noble_ soul ?

Rahul Jindal rearranged electrons thusly:

> > The point being, if the LUG earns anything, plough it right back into LUG
> > organized events - and FAST.
> just a suggestion: Use that money to advcate linux in schools. Catch them
> young before gates (guy with lots of money does!)
Sure - anything that helps.  Though catching the kids in the first year of
their engineering course would help far better I expect (esp as they already
have unix in their syllabus, colleges will be glad to augment / replace their
old sco / solaris boxen with linux boxen)

All the old XT / 286 etc machines lying around in the typical engg college lab
can be turned into dumb terminals / remote XTerms even.


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