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Re: Evil Designs by a _noble_ soul ?

Suresh Ramasubramanian posts:

> When there's something like a sub-domain which only one 
> LUG can have, and there are trappings of "official recognition" 
> attached, there is plenty of reason for heartburn

It is not a question of heartburn.  Once the LUGs start managing 
funds (it should not happen), it becomes a game of who gets what
and how much of that.  Like how much can a Local LUG corner from 
its main Parent body with its tag "Official LUG".   The
rural/suburban LUGs may not bother but this will create more
"muck" being traded around with who is get what and why.  This
is not about getting 'visibility' but then the casualty is the
process of learning -> sharing -> learning.

The sub-domain issue leaves a bad taste in our mouth when the
main domain/domain re-director is handled by a Director of a
reputed Company who is *rooting* to make GNU/Linux popular in
India by his very act of taking off ILUG-Cochin from the main 
LI page without a decent explanation from the Group members'
here in Kochi.

> Linux makes a handy weed killer, if applied judiciously.

This "gentleman" from Cochin has a doubt about the "Applier" of 
the weed killer.  If this weedicide is not applied judiciously,
it stands to pollute the Environment surrounding the weeds and
we are going to have a much worse scenario.

I request this list, particular attention drawn to Arun S., KD,
and Raju Mathur; that whatever I have said has no particular
intent to malign a person/Organization.  I put up an issue which
was brushed aside contemptuously by our dear friend, the easyDNS
driver, the Messiah (tm); maybe with the silent, tacit approval
of the main Domain Name Holder.

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