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Re: Re: Evil Designs by a _noble_ soul ?

On Wed, Mar 07, 2001 at 09:37:07AM +0530, Raghavendra Bhat typed:

> It is not a question of heartburn.  Once the LUGs start managing 
> funds (it should not happen), it becomes a game of who gets what

Heartburn in the sense of bad feelings, politics etc which naturally crop up
from time to time in a LUG - especially when the LUG has some common property /
shared earnings.

I have seen this before in kcircle - a quiz club which has been around since
1972 (and which does make a decent amount of money these days by conducting
quizzes for newspapers / portals / orgs).  Such politics as there were have
been quite temporary - what usually happens is that people decide the money is
not worth quarreling over and blow the lot in organizing a single huge quiz,
followed by an even bigger party :)

The point being, if the LUG earns anything, plough it right back into LUG
organized events - and FAST.

Politics can be squelched by treating the LUG as a group of friends meeting
together, without the formal trappings of "president, secretary, webmaster
...".  Right back to "creative anarchy" - the best breeding ground for fresh

Finally, don't rely on (or expect to get) something you can't produce / control
yourself - especially when there's only one item in stock (such as a subdomain,
or an "official website" etc).

Yeah, I know that some will say this is impossible (and perhaps not very
practical) but I can at least dream.


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