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help - large hardisk and linux installation

C Hanish Menon wrote:
> Hi

> As there are some problem with the way BIOS, OS, IDE
interfaces and Harddisks
> communicate with One Another. In older systems or Systems
with OLD BIOSES and
> also some RATHER SLOW TO ADOPT OSes one can't directly access
Large disks. To
> overcome this the Disk drive vendors use special LOWLEVEL
programs which

dear sir,

i am directly mailing u, i hope that it is not on inconvience.

but i have a simple and important problem.

the information u mentioned earlier regarding a lowlevel
program on the
MBR od the harddisk in case of large harddisk, i have a similar
i have a 20 gb harddisk. partition into  2 GB (fat), and
partition of 12gb (2 logical partition of 6 each of fat32) and
5.4, i have left for linux.

the probelms is the same, while installation of linux, i get
partition error. several program mention that there is a
error" and "the disk is not to big" but windows works

now, i have to mention i have windows 2000 installed. this
actually write its own code in the MBR which allows botting
multiple os. 

1. do u think the windows 2000 has written over the said low
program on the mbr?
2. how is to rectify the mistake. i mean rewrite (restore) the
sector again without acutally harming the os.

anyother solutions ?

thanking u