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Re: [Long Post] Time to clean up this town.

>         This is what makes him responsible.
> The issue raised by Ragh00 is about the relation between linux-india
> and local chapter in Cochin. Ragh00 has the right to ask about it
> and some one responsible(Atul or any one else) should answer it.

Hello Nikil,

You are missing the point here issues raised by Ragh00  has not been
convincingly answered .

Also i see all the people tring to single out Rag00 for asking few questions
about  local chapter in Cochin .

I get a feel that you people not to say exocore are tring to bump of Rag00 by
using  tariqe/swathi issue , because suresh solved it you are flameing  him .

just because you hosting some site does'nt give all the freedom spoil any one's
happiness .

I too respect Atul but  also i respect Suresh too !! sigleing out Suresh or
Ragh00 or even me and bury cause behind it is bad idea Nikil.

> Atul Chitnis is currently the web master of LI, using server space and
> bandwidth paid for from Exocore's pocket.

It's a good job what he is doing but but it should not be misused by you to curb
some body's voice .

Please Raju/thats solve this .

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