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Re: [Long Post] Time to clean up this town.

On Thu, Mar 08, 2001 at 10:45:45PM +0530, Nikhil Datta wrote:

Thank you for taking interest in cleaning up this town. 
But sorry say it is too biased. Any way you have reasons for that.

	Its not a good idea to blame only one party for the 
dirt in the list. Every one contributed to it. Whether it is 
x or y. The issue got sidelined when people ego started working. 
And the s**t started pouring into list. 

> Suresh, you seem to be making a great effort to justify and find reason in
> each of ragh00's profane posts. Ragh00 is a known trouble maker, and has

	In the whole mail I think you are trying to label Ragh00 as 
a trouble maker. It can be see as an attempt to sideline the
issues raised by him. 

	I am not going to question your integrity. I dont think you having
exocore.com id isnt a good reason for that and I didnt find any other reason.

> Atul Chitnis is currently the web master of LI, using server space and
> bandwidth paid for from Exocore's pocket. 

	This is what makes him responsible. 
The issue raised by Ragh00 is about the relation between linux-india
and local chapter in Cochin. Ragh00 has the right to ask about it
and some one responsible(Atul or any one else) should answer it.

> Yes, Atul does get business out of it. Yes, he makes money. Is there a
> problem here? Have you ever seen an Exocore logo in a LI stall ?

	No probs ;)
I too respect his contributions to world of GNU/Linux in india,
even when disagreeing with him on many issues.

> Today, there are kids in college who have the audacity to sling dirt at
> him, merely because they see it being thrown at him (by ragh00 of all
> people), and base their impressions on that. 

	Dont think most of the members in this list are immature
as that 'kid'. 

> Suresh is attempting to give
> ragh00 'respectability' on this list - something which is not a part of
> his character. 

Suresh will have his own reasons to do that, like you have 
reasons to gain 'respectability' to Atul or reasons I have for
writing this mail. 

> I say to you Suresh : cool off. I don't know you, but I've seen your kind.
> You petty agenda is not welcome here. 

	I think this too bad. I dont think its a good idea to
question some ones integrity with out clear reasons for that.

> I know you are going to post a long
> rebuttal to my mail, but let me assure you - I have no intention of
> dignifying it with a reply.

As you please ;)

> Finally : I know there are a lot of people on this list who are watching
> with disgust at the way things are on this list. I hate the mud slinging
> as much as any of you (which is why I have remained silent all this
> while), but I think that it's now time to "clean up this town". I propose
> that we temporarily come out of our cocoons to put an end to this once and
> for all. The next time venom is spouted, please shout it down.
 	We must clean it out but no scapegoat.

> I'd like to get back to talking about Linux now.

	Me too.