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Re: Experience the New Windows

Atul Chitnis wrote:

> > addressed. In six months or a year I believe the newbie experience
> > will comparable to that on Windows.
> Actually, that is the point. These issues have been hanging around for a
> year or longer. Linux continues to be seen as a techie's OS, not as a
> general OS.

Actually Mandrake 7.2 is far easier to install, configure and use than
even Win95. My own personal experience. No need for device driver cd's
from whoever and everything worked out of the box. except for wvdial
which i installed from RH6.2 cd, and even that was a breeze. 

And speaking of wvdial, it is much easier to use than windows "my
connection". I say this coz I have to give my login and password
everytime I want to connect to D.O.T. (aka VSNL). Of course I can use a
script in win95, but I forgot howto and since **linux is so much more
easy to use**, I didn't even try to sit and figure it out under win95. 

So there you have it. Linux, at least some of the distros are easier to
use than win9x, I won't even talk about win nt coz here in office I rely
on my sys admin to sort it out. The one and only one area where M$
scores over linux is gaming and to a certain extent office apps. The gap
is rapidly closing on the office apps front. Ease of use is an issue
which should have been shot down a few months back.