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Re: Experience the New Windows

Atul Chitnis rearranged electrons thusly:

> Actually, that is the point. These issues have been hanging around for a
> year or longer. Linux continues to be seen as a techie's OS, not as a
> general OS.
So does Windows NT.

> This *can* be fixed, but it needs work. And I dont see that work being
> done.

Should it be done?  

As people have pointed out in the past, this user-friendliness is distro
specific, not linux specific.  There are some distros which are addressing this
of course (caldera, redhat, mandrake, corel linux ...). 

Others like slackware and debian prefer to stick to the "techie OS" market,
refusing to dilute other primary concerns (such as security and utility) in a
quest for user friendliness.

Linux as a whole shouldn't lose focus from its core "techie OS" area.
Different distros can - and are doing so.


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