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Re: Experience the New Windows

On Thu, 8 Mar 2001, Biju Chacko wrote:

> I am not saying that they are non-issues -- just that they *are* being > addressed. In six months or a year I believe the newbie experience > will comparable to that on Windows.
i had heard the same thing in mid '99. it's true that people
are working on these, but progress is real slow.

in the mean time, i use a dual boot with windows and linux.
many others use vmware to run windows on top of linux as a virtual
os (takes globs of memory, but nothing like it when it works).

on the desktop, methinks linux will coexist with but not replace
windows for quite some time. i'd give it 3-5 years to be any
serious threat to windows desktop.

Actually, that is the point. These issues have been hanging around for a year or longer. Linux continues to be seen as a techie's OS, not as a general OS.

This *can* be fixed, but it needs work. And I dont see that work being done.


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