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Re: Experience the New Windows

Interesting troll.  Nice try, Emily.

After reading it, all I understand is that the author wants MS to take
over Linux and produce a nice shiny one-size-fits-all distribution.

Choice?  Bah, you lusers haven't needed it all these years and don't
need it now.

Let's see some of the points the author brings up:

   It is time for people to rise above their hacker communities and approach it
   with the singular, pure aim of making money. No more revolutions. No more
   conquest of Rome. 


Why?  Linux is fun.  It must remain fun.  If someone wants to make
money out of it, more power to them, but making that the only goal
needs much more justification than the author strives to or appears
capable of providing.

   Linux Needs to Install Easily

It already does.  RH at least installs with minimum effort.  It'll
even partition your disks and remove your Winduhs partition if you
don't watch out, and where'll you play Solitaire then?

   Linux Must End the Beta

Sure, let's just do what MS does: immediately move all software to 1.x
and release it.  So what if it doesn't work?

   Linux Must Have Documentation Human Beings Can Consume

Agreed.  I've been ranting about this for years.  And no, I haven't
done anything about it yet... been too busy bringing out Beta's of my
software ;-)

   Linux Must Have A Unified User Experience

Uh, when did you quit your job at MS, Emily?  And do you /really/
believe that you have to configure Window Environments using vi
nowadays?  One shell?  Ouch!

   A Big Heaving Sigh [Standards]

It may come as a surprise to the author that Linux actually does
adhere to some standards, even if they are not necessarily the
standards that MS does: IP, TCP, Kerberos, Java, ANSI C/C++, X11,
CORBA, Telnet, NFS, SMTP, PGP, ...

How about writing about TCP/IP next, Emily?  I could do with some
entertainment next week too :)

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-- Raju

>>>>> "Atul" == Atul Chitnis <achitnis@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Atul> Interesting article, especially if you consider our earlier
    Atul> discussion on this subject last month:

    Atul> http://www.netslaves.com/comments/983976069.shtml

    Atul> Atul
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