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Re: UPDATE: Linux (and free OSs) in the Indian Press (March 2001)

A recent newsletter from DDJ had a link ti the LI website and pointed out
that we are one of the more active groups. Guess that's good. At least the
LI lists do have lot more mails (excluding the holy wars) than many
lists with many more members.


On Thu, 8 Mar 2001, Kiran Jonnalagadda wrote:

> >* CHIP ONCE AGAIN reminds its readers that an
> >    Indian (read, affordable) version of *Dr Dobb's Journal*
> >    is soon coming to India, and the issue it highlights
> >    deals with a lot of Linux subjects.
> DDJ is currently being worked on at Synapse [1] in Goa. If anyone is 
> interested in contributing to the magazine, please contact me 
> <mailto:kiran@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> or Hakim Badshah 
> <mailto:hakim_badshah@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>.
> [1] http://www.plusthought.org